We proudly feature over 40 booths of eclectic,
unique craft vendors at Holiday Bazaar.
We offer:

8x6 Booth Spaces
10x10 Outdoor Booth Spaces
10x8 Tent Spaces

Exposure to +5,000 visitors!




When is the Holiday Bazaar?

The Holiday Bazaar is a two-day event:
Friday November 24 5pm-9pm
Saturday November 25 9am-6pm

What are the booth location options?

We offer 3 types of booth location, they are: 
1. Indoor 8′ x 6′ (in banquet hall)
2. Vendor Tent 10′ x 8′(back yard)
3. Outdoor 10′ x 10′ (unenclosed, back yard)

What is the difference between outdoor tent and outdoor spaces?

There will be a large party tent set up in the back yard of the hotel behind the banquet hall.

Outdoor Tent spaces will be located inside this tent, which can be fully enclosed if the weather calls for it. Outdoor Tent vendors do not need to provide their own canopy.

Outdoor spaces will be in the backyard of the hotel outside of the tent. Outdoor vendors will need to provide their own canopy.

Are vendors required to be open both days?

Indoor vendors are required to be open on Friday night, 5pm to 9pm.

Tent vendors are not required to be open on Friday, but are permitted if they wish. 

Outdoor vendors will not be open on Friday.

How do I get a booth?

To reserve a booth space, click on the “submit vendor application” link and complete the form. Once the form has been submitted, you will be able to add the booth type you want to reserve to your cart, and checkout using a credit card. 

If a booth type does not show up on the application page, that means that booth type is sold out. We do not have a waitlist for indoor spaces.

What utilities are available?

There are a limited number of indoor spaces with access to electricity. After you purchase an indoor booth space, please contact Kat at to request electric. Electric booth spaces are first come, first served.

Is this a juried event?

No, it is not a juried event.

However, in order to provide the greatest variety for our customers, we are restricting the number of similar vendors that we accept. All applications will also be reviewed to ensure that they meet the requirement of only offering handmade items. 

Do you allow direct sales, passthrough, or vintage resellers?

All items sold must be handmade. Premade items that have been modified, upcycled, or otherwise significantly changed (i.e. jeans which have been embroidered or painted) are considered to be handmade and are permitted.

Applications from vendors who resell items, including direct sales or passthrough sales, without alteration or modification will be declined. 

What happens if my application is declined?

If we have already accepted the maximum number of similar vendors, you will receive notification by email and your booth registration fees will be fully refunded.

If it is determined that the vendor doesn’t meet the requirements of the event (such as resale or direct sale vendors), the applicant would be notified by email that their application was denied as well as the reason, and their booth fee payment will be refunded less a $25 administration fee. 

When is setup?


Setup hours are 2pm-5pm, setup must be complete by 5pm. 


Setup hours are 7am-9am, setup must be completed by 9am. 

During setup – vendors may utilize the Mills Park Hotel parking lot to unload their booth.  After unloading, vehicles must be moved to vendor parking. 

Mills Park Hotel does not have equipment or staff to move vendor belongings.  Please be advised luggage carts are for MPH guests only and may not be utilized by vendors.  

When is tear down?

Tear down begins at 6 pm on Saturday November 24. Early tear down for any reason is not permitted, and will result in being ineligible to vend at future Mills Park Hotel events.

Do I need to provide my own tables, chairs, etc?

Vendors must supply their own tables, chairs, and display pieces.

Outdoor vendors must provide their own canopy or tent as well. 

Where do I park?

Parking is available for vendors at Mills Lawn Elementary School across the street from Mills Park Hotel.  Vendors are not permitted to park in the hotel parking lot.

Limestone Street will be a designated no parking zone Friday & Saturday. 

What will happen if there is bad weather?

The Holiday Bazaar will be held rain, shine, or snow. If necessary, the outdoor tent has sides that can be shut to make it fully enclosed. The sides will be left open as long as weather permits.

There is no heating provided for Outdoor Tent or Outdoor spaces. Generators, gas-powered heaters, or other devices which create fumes are not permitted to be used. Electrical access is not available outside. 

Who do I contact for questions?

Please contact Kat Jones-Shank at